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ani labs offers a wide range of customized and high-quality applications for all major multi- platform apps and cross platform apps.
Mobile Application Development

Mobile Application

ani labs offers a wide range of customized and high-quality applications for all major multi- platform apps and cross platform apps. Our professional team has in-depth expertise in their respective fields such as strategy, app designing, development, app-testing, marketing etc.

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The competition out there, in the digital world, is getting fierce day by day. Apostrophic offers just the right multi-platform apps or cross-platform apps to get easy, customer-oriented, technologically advanced mobile applications and web development. Make a decision now to drift your brand to an escalator that only goes up!


As soon as you send in your request for a custom quote, our Apps Expert calls you to discuss the central idea and feasibility of your project by acquiring relevant details. This paves way for a comprehensive Brainstorming and Strategy Development process at our headquarters.


  • Competitive Market Research
  • Evaluation
  • Analytical Analysis
  • Business Research
  • Multiple People Interview


Expert designers at Apostrophic work day and night to craft a unique design, as per your requirement and specified platform. This helps us deliver a customized prototype of your project within the specified deadline


  • Internal Interviews
  • Use Cases
  • Navigation Flows
  • Site Mapping
  • Wire Framing


Our Apps Expert gets in touch with you for feedback and suggestions regarding the prototype. As soon as you approve the design, we steer your app or mobile web building process on an unimaginable speed.


  • User Interface Design
  • Branding
  • Inspiration and Action Motivation


Successful implementation of any software is important to duly fulfil the business purpose. We have the proven experience and expertise in successfully implementing for different verticals.


  • CMS Customization
  • Server Side Development
  • Integration with 3rd party systems


We help you customize Salesforce to get the optimum benefits in the shortest possible time that would let you take quick decisions which would be benefit you in the long run. This is done by using and implementing formulae, calculators and other features that are your business centric.


Cut throat competition in this ever growing business market requires the sales team to be on their toes. The data required by Sales team is generally available from different systems and needs to be consolidated. We provide integration services that would smoothen your business process and provide you data from diverse applications and cloud services. Hence your sales team would always have the data that they require