Get more from Our goal is to get you “Clean” data, super efficient workflows and a well integrated with your other on-premise and cloud applications.


  • Implementation and Advanced Customization
  • Integration
  • Tuneup & On-going Administration
  • BI & Analytics

A successful implementation requires precise business alignment and must be done the right way from the start.

Our business analysts and techno-functional experts follow our time proven methodology and takes one through a step-by-step process leading to a successful implementation.

Successful implementation of any software is important to duly fulfil the business purpose. We have the proven experience and expertise in successfully implementing for different verticals.



We help you customize Salesforce to get the optimum benefits in the shortest possible time that would let you take quick decisions which would be benefit you in the long run. This is done by using and implementing formulae, calculators and other features that are your business centric.



Cut throat competition in this ever growing business market requires the sales team to be on their toes. The data required by Sales team is generally available from different systems and needs to be consolidated. We provide integration services that would smoothen your business process and provide you data from diverse applications and cloud services. Hence your sales team would always have the data that they require.



For an already Salesforce user, if the administration is improper, there are chances that you are spending more time on than responding to your clients. Improper or incorrect or incomplete worsen the matters. Frequent client complains about loopholes is an indicator that the setup was not done properly keeping in mind your business requirements. Our team of administrators will help you fill the loopholes there by speeding up your data entry, fine tuning your reports and ensuring data quality through correct data validation rules and formulae.



In this ever changing world, business requirements also change depending on situation and market. Salesforce that you setup earlier may not be delivering the output that it used to. This is because of change in your business requirements. We offer services so that you can tuneup salesforce to align to your current business needs. Our team of experts can inspect (non intrusively) your setup and provide you an estimate for tuneup.



Data is no use if lying idle. All the data / information gathered using Salesforce needs to be used in a proper manner. Adding Business Intelligence to Salesforce will be a boost to your sales team as you would be able to generate reports, analyze data and take decision. We help you in getting a BI solution that is right for your business.