Take Your Business Intelligence to the Next Level

Program Management

We have experience with leading business critical projects for global organizations and small corporations.


Examples of implementing and rolling out complex projects include SAP and Oracle ERP systems, eCommerce sites, infrastructure upgrades and custom systems including BI and Purchasing. We are adapting at dealing with all levels of an organization including the Board, Executives, Directors/Managers and individual contributors.


We listen to each customer’s needs and then work with them to match the goal with the appropriate time, budget and scoping constraints to create successful engagements.

We don’t underbid the project so we can later tack on expensive change requests. If change requests are required, we will work with you to find the best solution given all the constraints.


We will also work cohesively with your team and can bring in supplemental staff if necessary. Several clients have commented on how we go beyond their expectations to help mentor and train their staff.


  • Create and maintain project plan, including reporting and training
  • Manage resources
  • Identify risks and work with you to define mitigation strategies
  • Report on progress, issues and budget
  • Sending an Invoice and credit card reconciliation processes can be automated.
  • Post implementation strategy